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Nirakar / Faceless Rudraksha Java Mala 108+1 beads 8-10mm

Nirakar / Faceless Rudraksha Java Mala 108+1 beads 8-10mm

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A "Faceless Rudraksha Mala" is not a commonly recognized or standard term in the context of Rudraksha malas. Typically, Rudraksha beads are characterized by the number of faces or "mukhis" they have, which can range from 1 to a maximum of 21 or more. Each mukhi is associated with different spiritual and healing properties.

A "faceless Rudraksha" could refer to a rudraksha bead that does not have any clearly defined facets or mukhis. Rudraksha beads without clear mukhis are relatively rare, and they are typically considered special and are sometimes referred to as "Nirakar Rudraksha."

The term "Nirakar" is derived from Sanskrit and can be translated as "without form" or "formless." These rudraksha beads are believed to be especially sacred and are often associated with Lord Shiva.

While not commonly used for malas due to their rarity and unique properties, a faceless Rudraksha bead can be a potent symbol in Hinduism and a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual practices. When used in a mala, it is believed to have a transformative and purifying effect on the mind and spirit.

If you are interested in using a faceless Rudraksha bead or mala in your spiritual practice, it's essential to ensure its authenticity and source from reputable dealers or spiritual stores to receive the intended spiritual and healing benefits.

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