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Ebony mala / Karungali Mala 108+1 Beads With Lab Certified 8 mm

Ebony mala / Karungali Mala 108+1 Beads With Lab Certified 8 mm

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An Ebony Mala, also known as a Karungali Mala, is a prayer or meditation necklace traditionally made from ebony wood and typically consists of 108 beads with an additional bead called the "guru bead" or "sumeru bead." These malas are commonly used in various spiritual practices, including Hinduism and Buddhism, for meditation, prayer, and counting repetitions of mantras or affirmations.

Here's some information about an Ebony Mala or Karungali Mala with 108+1 beads:

  1. Material: The primary material used in an Ebony Mala is ebony wood. Ebony is known for its dark and rich color, making it a popular choice for such prayer beads. The wood is believed to have protective and grounding qualities.

  2. Bead Count: The mala typically consists of 108 beads, which are used to count mantra repetitions during meditation. The number 108 holds special significance in many spiritual traditions.

  3. Guru Bead: The mala features an additional bead, often larger or differently shaped than the rest, called the guru bead or sumeru bead. This bead represents the starting and ending point of your meditation or prayer practice. You don't count it among the 108 beads but instead use it as a marker.

  4. Usage: Ebony Malas are used for various spiritual practices, including meditation, chanting, and mindfulness. They help the practitioner maintain focus and concentration during their practice.

  5. Mantra Repetition: With each repetition of a chosen mantra or affirmation, you move one bead at a time using your thumb and middle finger, starting from the bead next to the guru bead. When you reach the guru bead, you may choose to pause or reverse direction without crossing over the guru bead. This practice continues until you have completed your desired number of repetitions.

  6. Spiritual Significance: Ebony is often associated with protection and grounding energy. Using an Ebony Mala can help you establish a sense of inner peace and connection during meditation or prayer.

  7. Care: To maintain the integrity of the mala, it's essential to handle it with care, keep it clean, and avoid exposing it to extreme moisture or direct sunlight. Some people also choose to oil their malas occasionally to preserve the wood.

When purchasing an Ebony Mala or Karungali Mala, ensure that you buy from a reputable source to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the materials. Malas are not just spiritual tools but also items of personal significance, so treat them with respect and reverence.

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