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AAA+ Quality Sphatik / Clear Quartz Kantha Mala 32+1 Beads

AAA+ Quality Sphatik / Clear Quartz Kantha Mala 32+1 Beads

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A Sphatik Kantha Mala, often referred to as a Crystal Quartz Kantha Mala, is a string of prayer beads made from Sphatik (also spelled "Sphatika" or "Sphatic"), which is a type of clear quartz crystal. Sphatik is considered highly sacred in various spiritual traditions, and Sphatik malas are believed to have special significance. Here's some information about Sphatik Kantha Malas:

1. Clear Quartz Crystal: Sphatik is a form of clear quartz crystal. It is known for its clarity, transparency, and the ability to amplify energy. In many belief systems, clear quartz is associated with purity, clarity, and positive energy.

2. Spiritual Significance: Sphatik is highly revered in Hinduism and other spiritual traditions. It is believed to be a symbol of purity and is often used for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices.

3. Meditation and Prayer: Sphatik Kantha Malas are commonly used in meditation and mantra recitation. Each bead is counted while repeating a mantra or affirmation, helping the practitioner focus and concentrate on their spiritual practice.

4. Healing and Energy Amplification: In various holistic healing traditions, clear quartz is believed to have healing properties. It is said to enhance energy, promote clarity of thought, and purify the mind and body.

5. Chakra Balancing: Clear quartz is often associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center at the top of the head. It is believed to help balance and activate this chakra, facilitating spiritual connection and enlightenment.

6. Positive Energy: Many people believe that Sphatik Kantha Malas have the power to attract positive energy and protect the wearer from negative influences.

7. Symbol of Devotion: Wearing a Sphatik Kantha Mala is considered a symbol of devotion and spiritual commitment. It is often worn as a necklace to carry the energy of the crystal with you throughout the day.

8. Traditional and Aesthetic Value: Sphatik Kantha Malas are often appreciated for their visual beauty. The clear, luminous beads have an aesthetic appeal and are considered as sacred jewelry.

When using or wearing a Sphatik Kantha Mala, it is important to treat it with respect and care, as it is considered a sacred and spiritually charged item. If you are using the mala for meditation or prayer, you can recite your chosen mantras or affirmations while moving your fingers along the beads, counting each repetition as you go.

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